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Mirko Giacalone

Software Developer based in Italy

Born in late 1996, I developed a deep passion for technology and computers from an early age. This fascination with the world of computer science led me to pursue a degree in the field, and at the age of 21 (in 2018), I successfully obtained my bachelor's degree. Eager to apply my knowledge and embark on a professional path, I wasted no time and immediately ventured into the world of IT consulting. This decision allowed me to gain valuable real-world experience and hone my skills in various aspects of technology and business.


Mirko Giacalone

Cagliari, Italy


I'm a programmer with four years of experience in .NET development, specializing in C# and ASP.NET. My expertise encompasses both front-end and back-end development.


I have successfully contributed to various projects. These experiences have provided me with a comprehensive understanding of different aspects of software development.

“In the realm of technology, innovation is born from the fusion of knowledge, curiosity, and audacity.”


My experience

With a strong academic foundation, I have applied my skills and knowledge to various projects across different industries, delivering tailored solutions to clients. My experience in IT consulting has sharpened my problem-solving abilities and adaptability, allowing me to thrive in dynamic and challenging environments.

  • -2023 - Present
    CONSULTANT - Full-Stack Dev.
  • -2019 - 2023
    ANALYST - Full-Stack Dev.
  • -2015 - 2018
    Computer Science Degree

My Skills


I have extensive experience and a strong command over C#, allowing me to write clean, efficient, and maintainable code for backend development. Additionally, I am proficient in building RESTful APIs using C# and ASP.NET, designing API endpoints, implementing authentication and authorization mechanisms, and ensuring data security. I possess a solid understanding of JavaScript and jQuery, enabling me to enhance user experiences and add interactivity to web applications. With expertise in Web Forms and MVC architecture in ASP.NET, I can develop user-friendly web applications. I have a strong knack for debugging and troubleshooting, ensuring smooth and error-free operation of systems.


I am proficient in using tools like Entity Framework or ADO.NET to interact with databases, perform CRUD operations, and optimize database queries/stored procedures for improved performance. I have experience using SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) for efficient and reliable database migrations, employing ETL processes to transfer data seamlessly between different database systems.


I have a solid understanding of Git's concepts and workflows. I'm experienced in leveraging Git's capabilities to track changes, manage different versions of code, and collaborate effectively with team members. I can create feature branches, isolate changes, and merge them back into the main branch. I understand the importance of proper branching strategies to maintain a clean and organized codebase.

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.NET MVC Application

Client Manager

ClientManager's a .NET MVC application designed to efficiently handle intervention tasks by organizing them into tickets and managing customer information. When a call comes in from a customer, if they are not already in the system, their details can be entered, and a ticket can be assigned to them. The application offers various views to interact with the data. One such view is the "Tickets of the Day", which displays the tickets that need to be worked on in the current day. Additionally, this view provides options to print the list or save it as a PDF, Excel, or CSV file. Other views include "Tickets to be Scheduled" and "Tickets to be Closed". The "Tickets to be Scheduled" view allows users to plan upcoming interventions, and the "Tickets to be Closed" view helps track and manage tickets nearing completion. Once tickets are scheduled, they become visible in a calendar view that provides an overview of all the scheduled tasks. This calendar view allows users to visualize and plan interventions effectively. Sensitive data such as addresses, phone numbers, and notes are stored in the database in an encrypted format. The application handles the decryption process to ensure the security and confidentiality of the sensitive information. This encryption-decryption mechanism adds an extra layer of protection to safeguard the sensitive data stored within the application. By utilizing the MVC architectural pattern, .NET Core 7 provides a robust foundation for the application, while the integration of jQuery enhances the interactive user experience. The backend functionality is implemented using C#, Entity Framework, and SQL Server, ensuring reliable data storage and efficient retrieval.